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How to eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies without cutting into your egg roll obsession

July 8, 2010

So, the other day on Twitter, a new friend posed this question:

@pfont @5ers wow how do you do 5 whole servings a day? That cuts into my egg roll obsession 🙂


Egg rolls

I can think of 3 simple ways to not let the 5 servings of fruits & veggies get in the way of your egg roll obsession:

  1. You can stuff your egg rolls with more vegetables (carrots or lettuce) than meat or get a veggie kind instead.
  2. If you eat a couple of egg rolls a day, just substitute 1 regular egg roll with a vegetable kind.  For example, if you eat 5 egg rolls a day, make 1 of the 5 as vegetable egg roll.
  3. Or, make a strawberry smoothie or carrot juice (any fruit or vegetable really), then drink it after you eat your egg rolls.  That way, you satisfy your egg roll obsession and wash it down your throat with a liquified serving of fruits & veggies.

Well, I hope that helps!  Hahahaa!

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

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