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Happy New Year! Enter the Dragon Fruit AKA The Bruce Lee Fruit

December 31, 2011

While probably almost half of the world have already welcomed 2012, the West Coast have about 12 hours left to bring in the New Year.  In the Chinese calendar, 2012 is considered as the year of the dragon.  I thought it would be appropriate to feature the next year’s dragon theme in today’s post.  Hence, enter the dragon fruit!


English: By Etsai from en: The pitaya, also kn...

Dragon Fruit


English: A red pitaya (Hylocereus undatus) fru...

Cross section of a dragon fruit


Dragon fruit, which is sometimes called “pitaya”, comes from several cactus species of the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitayas).  These species are native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, although it has recently been cultivated in tropical Asian countries, such as Philippines, Bangladesh, and Thailand.  The dragon fruit looks like a pink dragon ball from DragonBall Z, doesn’t it?

I am not sure if I’ve ever had dragon fruit as a child, but I would like to try it!  Trying a dragon fruit is my first goal for 2012.

Interesting facts about the dragon fruit:

  • Its flower only blooms at night.
  • Despite its eye-catching color, the dragon fruit is only mildly sweet like a melon or kiwi.
  • It is used as a diabetic supplement to rice in Taiwan.
  • It may heave health benefits, such as aiding in excretion of heavy metal toxins, and lowering blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • It also contains phytoalbumin antioxidants, which prevent formation of cancer-causing free radicals.

So, not only are dragon fruits pretty and possibly yummy, they are also healthy.  They could even fight ailments!  Dragon fruit could be the Bruce Lee of fruits!

Enter the Dragon...Fruit!

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  1. May 9, 2013 2:34 am

    An extract from comedian poet “Alexi” claims, “Position ground oregano at the bottom of the dish and use molassses for colour”.
    Safflower is capable of cutting down the tummy excess fat devoid of any alteration in diet regime or
    exercise regimen of a man or woman.


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