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Holiday Gift Idea: I yam what I yam…& 9 other veggie lover shirts

December 5, 2010

What kind of shirts would a 5er appreciate?  Want to show your fruit & veggie love pride?  Check out some of these shirts (clicking on shirt will bring you to the webpage):

* Heeeey, an unofficial 5er shirt! (

Unofficial 5er shirt

* This is for the kale lovers (

Kale lover

*  BroccoliObama (


* I yam what I yam! (

I yam what I yam!

* Viva la veggielution (

Viva la veggielution

* Veggie Powered (

Veggie Power

* Whirled Peace, world peace, same thing (

Whirled Peas, world peace, same thing

* Hot peppers (

Hot peppers

* Avocado Lover (

Avocado lover

* Vegetable on a date (

Shirt reads, "Jimmy's Pre-occupation with the Western ideals of beauty caused him to overlook Cindy's sparkling personality"

If you have better ideas, then maybe you should customize your own shirt!  Cheers!

Li Hing Mui Pineapples, Banana & Pineapple Panikeke, PieAM, Pasifika Voices, & One Love Oceana

December 4, 2010

This cold Los Angeles winter (as cold as Southern California can get) makes me nostalgic of living in the islands, in the tropical expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  I suspect that it is no coincidence that tonight, only 3 weeks away from Christmas, the Pacific Islander Ethnic Art Museum (PieAM) and Cal State University Long Beach’s Pacific Islanders Association have organized Pasifika Voice 2010, an annual evening showcase of spoken word, live art, music, and dance.  Hopefully, that also includes lots of food and waves of Pacific Islanders, so that we can cultivate community, reminisce and create memories, share hopes for the future of Oceania, and cuddle up to keep each other warm.  But maybe I should come more prepared for just warmth, because Pasifika Voice actually sounds like it’s gonna be fiiiire!

Pasifika voice is gonna be fiiiire!

Aside from my personal experience and solidarity with the Pacific Islander community, my other connections to Pasifika Voice 2010 include loving the newly-opened PieAM and supporting my Bay Area friends who are performing, One Love Oceania (OLO).

PieAM = Long Beach's new treasure

When PieAM opened in mid-October 2010, I checked it out and immediately considered it Long Beach’s new secret treasure.  According to its website,

PIEAM’s mission is to generate interest in these diverse cultures and educate its varied audiences by bringing the beauty and culture of Pacific Island ethnic art to Southern California. PIEAM stays true to the heritage of the Pacific Islands, highlighting all forms of Pacific Island ethnic art.

Dilukai Gamble figure in PieAm's outdoor sculpture garden

The museum includes an outdoor sculpture garden that showcases treasures such as the Dilukai Gamble figure shown above.  Here is the accompanying info about this particular sculpture:

sculpture info

PieAM is the first museum dedicated to Pacific Island art and culture in the United States.  It is located on 695 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802.  You can visit it online at

Me @ the grand opening of PieAM

During the grand opening weekend, there was also a booth fair, including a Samoan food booth, where I bought and enjoyed some panikeke (which are like pancake balls) and li hing mui pineapples.  I found a recipe for panikeke (click here), although the 1 that I tasted had banana and pineapple mini-chunks inside (separately in 2 different panikeke).  I loved the pineapple panikeke!

Panikeke (spherical food on right) & li hing mui pineapple (in plastic bag on the left)

Now, the li hing mui pineapple can be made by cutting up some pineapple into chunks and spreading li hing mui powder all over them.  Li hing mui is salty dried plum.  In Chinese, it means “traveling plum” from “li hing” (“traveling”) and mui (“plum”).  Used widely in Asia and Hawaii, lihing mui tastes sweet, sour, and salty.  It combined perfectly with the pineapple’s sweet flavor.

Li hing mui pineapple

I look forward to this spectacular show, also because some of my friends will be performing as part of the Bay Area-based queer artist collective, One Love Oceana (OLO).  I’ve attended OLO’s San Francisco shows before (click here for an OLO introductory video), in which they use theater to explore “the intersections of queerness, family, and Pacific Islander diasporic activism.”  Tonight’s OLO performers will be all women: Terisa Siagatonu, Michelle Kaonohikaimana, Jean Melesaine, Erica Nalani Benton, Loa Niumeitolu, Madeline Alefosio, and Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu.

One Love Oceana (OLO)

One of the performers tonight is Jamaica Osorio, who has performed at the White House before as a spoken word artist.  Check out this video:

Here is more info about the show tonight:

The Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum (PIEAM) and the CSULB Pacific Islanders Association are partnering with Pac Biz invite you to Pasifika Voice, an annual spoken word event featuring renowned spoken word artists:

• Jamaica Osorio
• Kiana Fuega
• Dan Taulapapa McMullin
• Kahlee
• Peni Falealili
• Maile Arvin
• DannyBoy Veevalu and Chris Fa’atolo
• One Love Oceania (Terisa Siagatonu, Michelle Kaonohikaimana, Jean Melesaine, Erica Nalani Benton, Loa Niumeitolu, Madeline Alefosio, and Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu)

PLUS! Pacific Island contemporary art exhibition, live art pieces by JP of jppacificoriginals, live music, and a modern dance performance by the award-winning Nonosina.

TICKETS (Pre-Sale Ends 12/1!) Limited seating available!

Students: $10 Pre-Sale, $15 At the Door
PIEAM Members: $18 Pre-Sale, $25 At the Door
General Admission: $22 Pre-Sale, $30 At the Door

To purchase your tickets, visit

For the first time, this annual event will include a Pacific Island contemporary art exhibit! The Pasifika Voice Art Exhibition aims to create a space for Pacific Island contemporary art, an often overlooked and underappreciated expression of our culture. Visit for more info.

Folks 3D: Casa Bhavanita’s Elixir for Life & Taste (Watch Out Dr. Oz & Oprah!)

December 2, 2010

Bhavana, 1 of our avid 5er contributors (see her previous story here) from Redwood City, California, has once again shared her 5er experience.  Check out her delicious & nutritious juicing recipe:

The mighty kale


Green apple

Red pepper


Elixir for Life and Taste!

Juicer’in….A bunch of dark green kale, a couple handfuls of spinach, 2 green apples, a red pepper and a tart kick o’ sliced lemon… all organic!

Truly a taste bud wow experience….but better yet, max energy, great for complexion, digestion (an apple a day….), immune boost and overall health!! 

Happy Hours at Casa Bhavanita, Serve ‘Um UP, Fiver!

Dr. Oz & Oprah

I wonder what Dr. Oz and Oprah would say about the combined nutritional value of these ingredients?  It sounds like a superfoods concoction!

To Bhavana: Thank you for being an active member of the 5er community.  Please keep updating us with your inspirational stories!

To everyone: Thanks for tuning in!  Please feel free to share any recipes, fruit & veggie photos, anecdotes, questions, or general thoughts!

Holiday Bananas!

November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you all!  I hope that you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!  I’m grateful that you’ve joined my journey & checked me out!  Remember to feel free to give me feedback on my posts!  I really appreciate your time & good vibes!  All weekend, you will hear about some of the tasty treats that I’ve had this Thanksgiving week.

From "Sweet Eats by Mercedes"

The 1st treat is a banana pudding pie that was created by “Sweet Eats By Mercedes” from Los Angeles.  I went to a Thanksgiving Dinner for my graduate program, and one of the scholars named Mercedes brought her own homemade dessert – banana pudding pie!  I’ve always been neutral about bananas, but after that dessert, I have gone bananas for bananas!  I even brought some home & offered it to my uncle.  Originally from the Midwest, my uncle said, “Wow, this tastes like banana pudding that I used to eat when I was little.”  This banana pudding invokes all good memories of home and the Holidays!

Thank you Mercedes!

After speaking to Mercedes, the creator, I found out that she usually makes this banana pudding and other desserts for all your holiday needs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  She just recently decided to make it all year long to whoever would like to order her sweet creations!  I already have some celebrations in mind (birthdays), when to serve Sweet Eats by Mercedes!  If you would like to try and experience some Holiday Bananas, you can contact Mercedes:

Sweet Eats By Mercedes

Desserts for all your holiday needs



Holiday Bananas!

How to make a strawberry (via The Tribal Scientist)

October 18, 2010

Good luck with finding the ingredients for making your own strawberry from scratch. Thanks to Mother Nature for making it for us in abundance!

How to make a strawberry If Mother Nature was incarnated in today's world, her wrinkled, battle-scarred old body would be photoshopped within an inch of its life and adorn every food package, beauty product and health item available. It's a common trick of marketing to appear to be nature's ally, relying on the unstated belief that millions of years of gradual evolution is a far safer bet than several decades of tinkering in the lab with a shaved lab rat and glassware fu … Read More

via The Tribal Scientist

5er 3D: Bhavana’s tummy full of gratitude (Redwood City, CA)

October 11, 2010

Thank you to my jolly friend Bhavana for texting me photos of fruit & veggie gifts from her friend’s garden in Livermore, CA.  I have met Bhavana at a dragonboat party about 6 years ago in Boston, where I used to paddle with some local teams.  When I moved to the Bay Area, she moved as well, so we have continued our friendship and adventures.  Bhavana is an educator and a spiritual coach in Redwood City, CA.  She also wants to share the story behind these photos.  Check it out!


Bhavana’s garden gifts

A visit to a friend’s house with a luxurious backyard with lush garden and flowering fruit trees!  We feasted on fresh veggies cooked on the grill, then relaxed in the hot tub under the stars.  I awoke in the morning to the abundant sun and rose bushes!  Then she sent me home with a bag full of fresh picked tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, methi (Indian greens), apples, and pomegranates!  I got more than 5 a day!  Ah, nature’s bounty, I have a tummy full of gratitude!

Wow!  Sounds like a beautiful weekend!  Thanks again for your story!  Eat more than 5 a day, & you’ll become as lyrical & poetic as Bhavana!

In case you are interested in learning more about Bhavana’s spiritual guide work, you can check out her webpageFacebook LIKE page.

If any of you dear friends and bloggers have photos & stories to share about fruits, vegetables & gardens, please feel free to let me know!  Happy Monday!

hot tub under the stars


Oranges as iPhone charging juice

October 10, 2010

Have you ever wondered how many oranges would you need to charge your iPhone?


Orange for your iPhone juice


Well, according to SuperJOrange’s YouTube video, it took 2,380 orange slices to juice up an iPhone from zero juice to full charge.  Check out the amazing demo:

So, how is this possible?  You may have heard of lemons batteries generating electrical output using principles of  electrochemical cells.  Without getting into a science lecture, basically when two metallic electrodes (galvanized zinc nail as negative electrode or anode & copper as positive electrode or cathode) are inserted into the oranges, it causes a chemical reaction that generates a potential difference.  How?  When the zinc nail is inside the citric acid environment of the lemon, it is oxidized–it loses electrons, reaches a lower energy state, & releases the energy for the current.  With 2,380 orange slices connected in series, the small currents from each orange adds up to power an iPhone to full charge!

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