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5er in Bangladesh: Breakfast Time

July 21, 2011

5er goes international! I am in Bangladesh for a couple of weeks, so I will hopefully have the time to share my fruit & veggie encounters here! This morning I had my first breakfast at my host family’s home in Dhaka, the country’s capital. My host family is very warm and hospitable. This morning, I absolutely enjoyed eating:

Aloo (papaya, carrots, potatoes)

The bananas I had were actually half the size of these bananas.

* spicy egg omelet (a scramble with spices and onions)

* roti/chapati (homemade flat bread)

* fried aloo pepe (grated potatoes, carrots, and papaya with some kind of yellow curry and spices)

* little bananas (tastier than regular sized bananas)

* cha (tea)

Well, this post is just to welcome you to Bangladesh!

P.S. The first moments of this video shows a lady cooking something similar to aloo pepe:

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