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Holiday Bananas!

November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you all!  I hope that you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!  I’m grateful that you’ve joined my journey & checked me out!  Remember to feel free to give me feedback on my posts!  I really appreciate your time & good vibes!  All weekend, you will hear about some of the tasty treats that I’ve had this Thanksgiving week.

From "Sweet Eats by Mercedes"

The 1st treat is a banana pudding pie that was created by “Sweet Eats By Mercedes” from Los Angeles.  I went to a Thanksgiving Dinner for my graduate program, and one of the scholars named Mercedes brought her own homemade dessert – banana pudding pie!  I’ve always been neutral about bananas, but after that dessert, I have gone bananas for bananas!  I even brought some home & offered it to my uncle.  Originally from the Midwest, my uncle said, “Wow, this tastes like banana pudding that I used to eat when I was little.”  This banana pudding invokes all good memories of home and the Holidays!

Thank you Mercedes!

After speaking to Mercedes, the creator, I found out that she usually makes this banana pudding and other desserts for all your holiday needs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  She just recently decided to make it all year long to whoever would like to order her sweet creations!  I already have some celebrations in mind (birthdays), when to serve Sweet Eats by Mercedes!  If you would like to try and experience some Holiday Bananas, you can contact Mercedes:

Sweet Eats By Mercedes

Desserts for all your holiday needs



Holiday Bananas!

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