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5er 3D: Bhavana’s tummy full of gratitude (Redwood City, CA)

October 11, 2010

Thank you to my jolly friend Bhavana for texting me photos of fruit & veggie gifts from her friend’s garden in Livermore, CA.  I have met Bhavana at a dragonboat party about 6 years ago in Boston, where I used to paddle with some local teams.  When I moved to the Bay Area, she moved as well, so we have continued our friendship and adventures.  Bhavana is an educator and a spiritual coach in Redwood City, CA.  She also wants to share the story behind these photos.  Check it out!


Bhavana’s garden gifts

A visit to a friend’s house with a luxurious backyard with lush garden and flowering fruit trees!  We feasted on fresh veggies cooked on the grill, then relaxed in the hot tub under the stars.  I awoke in the morning to the abundant sun and rose bushes!  Then she sent me home with a bag full of fresh picked tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, methi (Indian greens), apples, and pomegranates!  I got more than 5 a day!  Ah, nature’s bounty, I have a tummy full of gratitude!

Wow!  Sounds like a beautiful weekend!  Thanks again for your story!  Eat more than 5 a day, & you’ll become as lyrical & poetic as Bhavana!

In case you are interested in learning more about Bhavana’s spiritual guide work, you can check out her webpageFacebook LIKE page.

If any of you dear friends and bloggers have photos & stories to share about fruits, vegetables & gardens, please feel free to let me know!  Happy Monday!

hot tub under the stars


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