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Oranges as iPhone charging juice

October 10, 2010

Have you ever wondered how many oranges would you need to charge your iPhone?


Orange for your iPhone juice


Well, according to SuperJOrange’s YouTube video, it took 2,380 orange slices to juice up an iPhone from zero juice to full charge.  Check out the amazing demo:

So, how is this possible?  You may have heard of lemons batteries generating electrical output using principles of  electrochemical cells.  Without getting into a science lecture, basically when two metallic electrodes (galvanized zinc nail as negative electrode or anode & copper as positive electrode or cathode) are inserted into the oranges, it causes a chemical reaction that generates a potential difference.  How?  When the zinc nail is inside the citric acid environment of the lemon, it is oxidized–it loses electrons, reaches a lower energy state, & releases the energy for the current.  With 2,380 orange slices connected in series, the small currents from each orange adds up to power an iPhone to full charge!

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