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The King Tut Protein Shake

July 6, 2010

I would like to share a video that was made by my homie King Tut of the Brooklyn-based band Sankofa Soulz.  King Tut hails from New Orleans, a city that has raised him in a rich culture of jazz & musicianship.  He teaches Brooklyn youth about making music, preparing healthy food, and living consciously.  Aside from bringing a refreshing flava to protein shake making, I like this video because:

  1. He shares a cool tip of freezing fruits for making shakes.
  2. He uses some yummy ingredients, such as almond peanut butter.
  3. He offers brief insights of how each ingredient can benefit your health.

Here is The King Tut Protein Shake:

Well, I miss my mini-blender like the one that he has.  It’s somewhere in storage.  I should probably look for it this weekend.  Happy protein shaking!

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