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5er 3D: April from Kent, Ohio

July 3, 2010

THANK YOU to April from Kent, Ohio!  She kicked off our “Let’s See It From The Folks” community photo share segment.  April, you are definitely a 5er!

A librarian in training, April is one of my rockstar friends from Mount Holyoke College.  In short, let’s just say, we shook up the campus quite a bit.  Hahaha.  Here are her wonderful photos that just make me oh-so-hungry:

fresh salsa

pre-pasta salad

pasta salad

I will allow April to describe these photos herself:

Hey Melo!!!

Here are some pics of some FRESH dishes I made today… the first is a dish of fresh salsa… tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lime juice. The other two are the same dish, but two parts, the first is the veggies going into the pasta salad, green peppers and cherry tomatoes, the second is the pasta salad all put together. You can add olives to the pasta salad, but I don’t care for them. Enjoy!


THANKS AGAIN APRIL!!!  If you have more, just keep it coming!  I hope that you enjoy your July 4th!

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